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workaholic1231's Journal

Ashley - Prospective, Multifaceted and Hopeful
31 December
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My name is Ashley. I am a driven student who aspires to attend University of Chicago and become a lawyer. I engulf myself in my studies, and spend the majority of my time working on the school newspaper. I love to express my feelings through words and use way too many of them in the process. I surround myself with fantastic friends who share most or some of my ideals, and I love them to death. I enjoy my online friends as well, and consider many of them to be like family. My life is quite the adventure and, if you're up for it, I'd love for you to tag along.

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Harry Potter: Snape/Hermione; Draco/Hermione, Remus/Sirius
Grey's Anatomy: MerDer; Izzie/Denny; Alex/Izzie
True Blood: Sookie/Bill
Gossip Girl: Chuck/Blair
Heroes: Sylar/Mohinder; Peter/Claire; Sylar/Claire
Twilight: Edward/Bella; Alice/Jasper
Doctor Who:Rose/Ten
Torchwood: Jack/Ianto; Owen/Gwen; Owen/Tosh
CSI: Grissom/Sara
Lost: Sawyer/Kate
The Daily Show/Colbert Report: Stephen/Me/Jon

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Clinton to my Obama ... aintshesweet_x
Chuck to my Blair ... askfor_me
Sawyer to my Kate ... babyfirefly
bella to my edward ... big_girl_shoes
Meredith to my Christina ... cigarettesmoke
Alice to my Bella ... domluver
snape to my hermione ... hilly838
rose to my doctor ... igrayne
Serena to my Blair ... likestardust
Kate to my Sun ... neated
carlisle to my bella ... jenniferkaos
ianto to my jack ... kefira
Remus to my Sirius ... laura_isaac
Peter to my Claire ... mal_contentum
Stephen to my Jon ... mrschucknoblet
Owen to my Tosh ... growling
Paint to my Canvas ... siriusly_cullen
Microphone to my Adam Levine ... waterhart

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